#12DaysofSuccess – Day 1: Our Finance Team

2018 has been a challenging whilst rewarding year for the Finance department. We have retained 100% staff, as the only person that ムleft’ the department has moved internally within the organisation and allowed our all-female department to finally welcome some diversification with Lewis joining the team.ᅠᅠ The highs for the team over the year are as follows:

Credit Control – the past year we have reduced our debtor collection days from 44 to 41, continued to build strong relationships with our clients, received excellent feedback regarding our USP’s and it is the goal to have no monies outstanding which are older than 90 days by the end of the year.

Payroll & Contracts – our payroll accuracy has maintained at above 99% for the whole of 2018.ᅠ It is our aim to ensure that we process and pay 100% of timesheets on time each week by providing a unique and personalised tailored service in which we will maintain contact with our workers until an approved timesheet has been received.ᅠ Two members of staff successfully completed their CIPP qualification and the team have also received excellent feedback from our workers.

Accounts – the accounts team have continued to build a stronger relationship, enabling all statutory and mandatory accounting functions to be carried out in a timely manner.ᅠ Along with this, all management deadlines have been met and we continue to strive to produce statistical information to enable the whole company, whether directors or consultants, to make informed decisions regarding the future of the business.ᅠ

A word from Anne Fotheringham, Head of Finance:ᅠ “Due to unforeseen circumstances of illness and maternity leave, it has been a difficult year for the team in achieving the excellent standards including the above.ᅠ I am proud to say that it is due to the strengths of each individual pulling together as a team, that enabled us to continue to deliver to such a high standard.ᅠ I am very proud of our team.”

#12DaysofSuccess - Day 1: Our Finance Team
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14th December, 2018