#12DaysofSuccess – Day 4: Constructing Futures

Our social initiative, Constructing Futures, has continued to help narrow the skills gap experienced by the Scottishᅠconstruction, engineering and property sector in 2018.

We know that our clients require uniquely skilled and vetted talent in order to grow their teams and the industry. 62% of placements have resulted in sustainable full-time employment, but without YOUR support, we will continue to lose skilled talent from our industry.

If we fail to provide the opportunities to those candidates who have undertaken a recognised Construction qualification in the sector, more often than not a degree, then we run the risk of losing candidates who have committed time to try to forge a career in the Scottish Construction Industry.

We currently have a number of candidates based all over Scotland who are keen to undertake placements to get the work experience they currently lack which is impacting on their job search, but we need your help.

We’re not asking for you to provide a job, just a short-term placement opportunity of 1-2 days per week for a 6-8 week period to help our candidates get the work experience their CVs currently lack. Help provide the industry’s next generation with the skills they need to continue the great work that you do.

Constructing Futures helps you:

  • satisfy your community benefit clauses.
  • continue to be a socially responsible employer.
  • give back to those dedicating their time to studying a qualification relevant to the industry by offering some time to get work experience.
  • play your part in stopping the skills shortage.

To do your part in stopping the skills shortage in 2019, email Colin Woodward today or call him via 01786 446651.

Posted by Contract Scotland
17th December, 2018