#12DaysofSuccess – Day 8: CS Executive

We formally launched CS Executive this year due to the demand of the industry for us to support Senior level appointments with a tailored recruitment service. Headed up by Kelly Stirling who has 13 years industry experience, we now have a dedicated resource to dealing with key strategic appointments across Construction, Engineering and Property sectors.

We have had the pleasure in carrying out retained assignments for the following positions throughout 2018; Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director, Commercial Director, Construction Director, Operations Director, Regional Director and Contracts Director roles.

Every search is different therefore every approach we take is bespoke, tailored to the needs of each company, whilst our quality procedures, insight, detail and transparency remain constant throughout.

You may not be ready to go ahead with an appointment at this stage but if you are looking for further information about what an executive assignment involves, guidance on remuneration packages in line with your competitors, or advice on your senior level staffing strategy, please get in contact with Kelly, our expert in this field.

#12DaysofSuccess - Day 8: CS Executive
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Posted by Contract Scotland
21st December, 2018