2018 Candidate Survey Results

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Our 2018 Candidate Survey Results are in and we're delighted to share with you their thoughts on our service and also what their priorities and concerns are for the year. 


Service Level Key Points:

  • Our service level results continue to grow across the board with 99% of our surveyed candidates saying they would use our service again and recommend it to a friend. 
  • We continue to impress our candidates by our level of detail and knowledge of the industry.
  • We continue to take the time to understand our candidates motivations for looking for a new role and only look to provide them with vacancies that fit their criteria. 
  • 82% of our candidates said our service is better or exclusivity use us when looking for a new role.
  • Candidates still feel the most important aspect of our service is that we have non commissioned consultants, resulting in an impartial and thorough approach to their job search. 


Candidate Data Key Point:

  • Again continuity of employment in an uncertain market and achieving a stable work /life balance are the top priorities for candidates. 
  • However when asked how important it was for an employer to offer flexible working, only 34% of candidate said it was 'Extremely' important and 52% said it as 'Somewhat' Important. 
  • Most importantly out of all these stats; 58% of candidates said that it was 'Extremely' important that employers offer some form of mental health or physical well being support. 36% said it was 'Somewhat' important leaving only 6% who believe it is 'not at all' important. With Construction News reporting last year that "one in four construction workers has considered suicide" this is clearly something that needs to be address by more employers in the industry. 


What help is available?

For any employer looking to offer mental health support to their staff can access join Mates In Mind.   

A new  ‘Construction Industry Helpline’ app has been set up in collaboration by The Lighthouse Charity, Software firm COINS and Volunteer group Building Mental Health. The app is 100% confidential and is free to download via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

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