And It’s Another Award in the Bag!

Thrilled to announce that we won the APSCo ‘CSR initiative of the year’ award yesterday! A fantastic outcome for us and great recognition of Colin’s innovative solution to help alleviate the skills shortage.

Managing Director, Emma Marriott, collecting the award for CSR initiative of the year.

Gillian Graham, our new Social Enterprise coordinator said:

“I’m delighted at the news. I have spoken with dozens of graduates in my 2 years of working with Contract Scotland and the biggest issue they face is the old catch 22 of needing a job to get experience, but needing the experience to get a job.

With the initiative that Colin has created we are finding that, with support from Contractors, we are able to help graduates gain relevant, hands-on, invaluable experience within the industry. So far six of the graduates we have had on a shadow placement have since gone on to start their career within construction, and the majority of these are with the client that provided them with the opportunity in the first place. We still have a further 8 individuals on placement who hope to have the same success.

A big part of this is down to the clients we work with who have recognised the skills gap we are facing and given graduates who are desperate to join the industry, an opportunity to gain important work skills. I consider working on this initiative to be one of the most rewarding things so far in my career and look forward to working with graduates and clients to help the industry move forward.”

And It's Another Award in the Bag!
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Posted by Contract Scotland
15th October, 2015