What It's like to Be a Resourcer


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What It's like to Be a Resourcer

You may have seen our advert for a new Resourcer and had a few questions about what the role is.

We sat down with some of our past and present Resourcers to talk about everything you could ever want to know about working at Contract Scotland.

So guys, What is a Resourcer at Contract Scotland?

Andrea: Contract Scotland; be that in the permanent or temporary recruitment team, build, civils or professional division, each has a designated Resourcer.  Our day to day activities are different depending on which team we resource for but, simply put, the main responsibility of a Resourcer is to assist the consultants in the identification and attraction of candidates for the recruitment/vacancy opportunities that we register.

This will involve researching the expansive recruitment database here at Contract Scotland, advertising job vacancies, building, developing and creating relationships with candidates, conducting pre-screening checks on candidates, meeting and pre-selecting candidates for job vacancies, utilising social media to create brand awareness and inform customers of market trends, this list goes on but what is clear, is you there is a lot of variety, so if these responsibilities sound of interest, then you should continue to read on.

Each Resourcer will work alongside either one or two consultants. Before I was promoted to Recruitment Consultant, I worked in the freelance building team and resourced for two Recruitment Consultants.

Resourcers are an important part of any recruitment team and we work together with each other and our Recruitment Consultants to generate new ideas to improve the service that Contract Scotland provides.

So, what made you want to get into recruitment?

Laura: The road into Recruitment was not a straight one for me as I imagine was the case for most others, I am yet to meet a primary school child with the single-minded goal to become a Recruitment Resourcer or Consultant…With that said I probably did follow a path that many in recruitment do in have in that I studied my degree for four years…and graduated with the question of what do I do now?

After graduating from University with a Degree in Politics and History I felt travelling was the way to go, I arrived in Auckland New Zealand in Feb of 2012 and after living in a campervan for a few months we finally settled in Christchurch – which at the time was still recovering from the massive earthquakes of 2011. As a result, the economy was in a bubble and growing at an alarming rate, recruitment and more specifically international recruitment was busy beyond belief which leads recruitment consultancies to start looking for good people to join them – I joined a small team who take their job incredibly seriously and hold customer satisfaction above all else... once I returned, that’s what I wanted to develop my career in and the rest, as they say, is history.

What skills do you find yourself using the most a Resourcer?

Savanna: Listening & communicating - this is everything! You need to make sure that you are genuinely listening to the candidates and really understand what motivates them and then try and match these with the opportunities in the market.

Honesty & integrity – being open and honest with candidates throughout the entire process ensures that the entire recruitment process runs as smoothly as possible.

Resilience – I used to think that anyone could do this job, but it wasn’t until I was in the seat that this view quickly changed. In recruitment, you must constantly deal with change and curve balls that get thrown your way. The best thing to do in this situation is to readjust and continue forward!  

Here at Contract Scotland, we are not targeted or incentivised to place people in jobs – what this means is that we LISTEN to what the candidates are saying, be HONEST with candidates throughout the process and ultimately place them in jobs which benefit not only them but their work life balance and their careers etc.

Jings, that’s a lot of skills! In all that work is there anything you enjoy about your job?

Gillian: Without sounding like someone who tells you their job is the best (unless they are an ice cream taster, in which, case fair play) there is genuinely too many things to say about what I love about my role.

The fact no two days are the same and there are always exciting things happening makes each day speed by. Speaking with new people every day and helping them as much as I can, and place them into a new role is something the whole Resourcer team can say is great!

Sometimes things don’t always go our way and a candidate may not get that new job or I might have no responses to an advert or a variety of other weird and wonderful calamities can happen – when you work with people it can be the most rewarding and challenging role all in one.

During the challenging times it’s good to have the support of our resourcing team and the rest of the recruitment team to get advice or the pickup I need!

Sounds like a bit of a rollercoaster! What is one thing only a Resourcer can really describe? 

Gillian: As we are not heavily involved in client relations or making a final placement, from the outside it can be hard to determine what Resourcers would call a “win”.

I am 100% not a follower of football but bear with me while I “tackle” (sorry...) this analogy;

Watching a football game, the striker is important as they put the ball in the back of the net but even the most novice of spectators can appreciate that the goal would not have happened if their teammates weren’t there to help set up the goal. The game is a team sport and that’s similar to our recruitment team – it’s a team environment where everyone contributes and everyone shares in the successes.

Do you have any advice for people who want to work in Recruitment?  

Savanna: My advice would be:

  • Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes, always put their motivations at the centre of your actions (don’t get me wrong, we will advise candidates if we think that they need to adjust expectations or if we think they are not making a good career move!)
  • Treat people as you would like to be treated!
  • Pay attention to the details. All of them.

Well, there it is from the mouths of the Resourcers themselves! If you think you have what it takes or know someone who does, get it touch!

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