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Scotland’s Construction & Building Sector 2023 The news headlines did not make … more

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I hear time and time again from candidates in permanent positions: “I’ve thought about going freelance in the past, but I wasn’t sure where to start.” Sound familiar?

All eyes were on the Chancellor earlier this week as he provided … more

You don’t need Contract Scotland telling you year-end is fast approachingナ but you may need us, however, to provide your sites with a solution to help meet those targets?

Day 6 of our #12DaysofSuccess celebrates our temporary workers and the excellent service our temporary division provides year in and year out.

It can be hard to source candidates out in the furthest flung locations around Scotland, but we’ve seen some success placing candidates in these locations throughout 2018.

Dionne’s career has taken another step forward in recent weeks with her starting as Recruitment Resourcer for our busy Temporary Civil Engineering Management team

Following yesterday’s budget statement, our Operations Director, John-Paul Toner, explains how the rules around how private sector businesses engage with contractors supplying services via a limited company will change as of April 2020.

Debunking some freelance stereotypes to highlight how temporary workers can benefit your business.

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