Contract Scotland Is Celebrating Some Anniversaries

Congratulations are in order for a few people this month.

Firstly to Paul Frith who has been with Contract Scotland 8 years!

Julie Fleming (Temporary Recruitment Manager) said, “I’ve sat across from Paul most of my working life here and although there has been some ups and downs (and a good few arguments), I don’t think he has ever made me laugh as much as when he got so excited that he stapled his own finger!! Paul has worked in the Temporary Team since he started back in February 2008 and has placed a staggering 1135 people in freelance contracts, not to mention the 61 permanent placements. He is a joy (most days) to work with and I’m delighted to wish him a happy 8th birthday.”

Lindsay Dawson celebrated 5 years with Contract Scotland too!

Julie commented, “As we know Lindsay progressed from a resourcing role into a recruitment role and I think those who work with Lindsay will agree the knowledge of the civils sector and candidates who work within it is excellent. Lindsay has made over 400 placements since joining as a Consultant! When Lindsay is having a great day you will normally see her doing her doing little dances at her desk, when she’s having a bad day – you will know it (or see a flying stress brick).”

All in all, a pleasure to congratulate our long-standing members of the team.

Contract Scotland Is Celebrating Some Anniversaries
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Posted by Contract Scotland
14th March, 2016