Contract Scotland Social Enterprise

Contract Scotland is pleased to announce the first placement through our Social Enterprise which was launched last month. Robert MacMaster, Graduate Civil Engineer, started with the Perth-based contractor, Kilmac on Monday 2nd February. The Social Enterprise works with those candidates with construction qualifications who haven’t been able to secure sustainable employment in the industry to date.

Through unpaid part time job shadow placements, we aim to help these candidates get a start in the industry in which they have trained. The Social Enterprise wouldn’t work without the support of the construction companies we’ve partnered with for a number of years and we’re grateful to Kilmac for offering Robert this opportunity. Robert interviewed so well that Kilmac decided to offer Robert a permanent position after interviewing him rather than engage him on a placement only.

All profits generated by the Social Enterprise will be given to charity. The charity we are working with in 2015 is Bridges Programmes who work with Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants.

Pictured are Robert (pictured left) and Athole McDonald, Director (pictured right), outside Kilmac’s head office in Perth.

Contract Scotland Social Enterprise
Posted by Contract Scotland
19th February, 2015