Contract Scotland’s WildHeart Impact Report 2018

We were pleased to get an update from WildHeartsᅠOffice regarding the social impact our investment in their service has had since the beginning of 2018 and thought we’d share it with you all.

WildHearts Office enables their customers to make a positive social impact, both at home and abroad, through purchasing their business supplies. They have investedᅠover ᆪ6,000,000 which has seen over 250,000 lives transformed, both atᅠhomeᅠandᅠabroad. WildHearts Officeᅠdonates 100% of its profits to the WildHearts Foundation.

We were all touched to know that our recent business with WildHearts Office led toᅠthree lives have been transformed via microfinance and helped fund two Love to Learn education packs as part of WildHearts’ Global Literacy Programme.ᅠ

WildHearts’ slogan is “Business for Good”, a slogan that everyone at Contract Scotland is 100% behind.ᅠ

Contract Scotland's WildHeart Impact Report 2018
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7th November, 2018