Diary of the New Girl

As the end of fourth year university approached and the daunting thought of being let loose into the world of work became more of a reality, I found myself like most fresh soon to be graduates wondering what direction to go in. I am a very ambitious person by nature, so when I found out I could have a career that offered progression and responsibility with fair rewards by ultimately helping and changing people’s life’s…recruitment was the perfect avenue and I was lucky enough to secure a position on a Graduate Programme with a world wide recruitment agency.

I turned up on my first day full of optimism and enthusiasm. I was keen to get stuck in and start speaking to candidates to find out all about them and how I could help them achieve their goals – oh how nave I was! It did not take long for me to realise the job sold to me as a professional, ethical and rewarding career was little more than pointless sales targets with the primary focus being on figures rather than the people behind them. For a moment I felt like I was in a scene from the Wolf of Wall Street rather than an office! This was not what I signed up for and I started to question my faith in the recruitment industry as a whole, until I came across Contract Scotland – which was like a breath of fresh air!

I went along to my interview curious and intrigued, could theyreallybe that different to other agencies? Within five minutes I was already convinced. They gave me a real feel for the company culture, which was night and day to what I had previously experienced. This was a real professional working place where people worked hard and their interests were with candidate and client rather than a commission cheque. I could tell that the people who worked at Contract Scotland were proud of what they did and rightly so, backed up by a number of awards lined up in their reception area. I knew this was what I was looking for when leaving University originally and I was determined to pass the second round of interviews to become a part of the team.

The values expressed during the interview process are truly practiced every day by every consultant in the office. There was an emphasis on relationship building from the beginning, even inviting me for tapas before my big start on Monday morning! Processes are followed correctly at Contract Scotland and each consultant takes time to properly understand the needs of their candidates and clients, ensuring placements are made to last and not to simply meet a sales target.

Contract Scotland put a lot of effort in looking after their staff, which reflects their extremely low staff turnover rates. It may not be a culture of beers and cocktails after work every night, but consultants work together and share information instead of against one another, meaning the atmosphere in the office is comfortable and friendly. From complimentary fruit being delivered daily to fitness and nutrition classes, the Directors have created a fantastic work environment – there is always the odd cheeky bit of birthday cake going about too! Contract Scotland have definitely changed my perception of the recruitment industry as a whole, and to be quite honest I am surprised more competitors don’t try and take a leaf out of their book, as it seems to be working and has done for 25 years!

Eilidh Cameron has worked with Contract Scotland since March 2015 and is responsible for permanent staff with major housebuilders in Scotland. She is actively recruiting for Site Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Customer Advisors, Buyers and Design Engineers.


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Diary of the New Girl
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11th June, 2015