Dot Celebrates 15 Years at Contract Scotland!

Congratulations to Dorothy Hope on celebrating 15 years at Contract Scotland this week!

Thank you for all your hard work over the years and for being part of the CS family.

“My 15 years at Contract Scotland have been a blast! Initially, I was taken on as a Secretarial/Payroll/Credit Control Assistant and as the Company has grown so has my role to that of Senior Credit Controller. In this role, there is always something different to do or challenge me on almost a daily basis and I will never tire of the many convoluted and often amusing reasons as to why someone is not paying.

My favourite excuse to date from a client that underpaid invoices are that “accounts don’t pay the pennies as it takes too long”- trying hard not to laugh and remain professional I had to remind them that the invoices needed to be paid in full!

On a more serious note, staff retention and longevity of employment at Contract Scotland can be simply explained by the fact I work with a fantastic team of people in a superb working environment – roll on the next 15 years (but not as quickly as the previous 15)!”

Dot Celebrates 15 Years at Contract Scotland!
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Posted by Contract Scotland
12th October, 2018