Eilidh Cameron Places 100 People in Permanent Jobs!

As Eilidh celebrates her fourth anniversary with Contract Scotland, she also marks a key milestone of placing 100 people in permanent positions which is a great achievement.

We sat down with Eilidh to catch up with her on this tremendous success.

  1. ᅠ What would you say is your most significant achievement to date/how do you get a sense of accomplishment?

“It might sound straightforward, but I think the greatest sense of achievement comes from knowing how much of an impact you have had on someone’s life, whether that be a recent Graduate or Director.ᅠ

Most of us spend the vast majority of our time at work, so deciding to move on from a current employer and identifying a new one, can be a daunting decision. It gives me a great sense of achievement to know that I can make this process a lot more comfortable for someone and ultimately help them end up in a better employment situation that benefits them, their career and their families.ᅠ

My greatest achievement to date is placing 100 people in a new role just shy of my fourth anniversary at Contract Scotland – the majority of which are still in that job!

  1. How does it feel to know that you have helped 100 people find a job?!

It’s something that I probably take for granted, to be honest, and it’s not until you say the words out loud that I truly appreciate the magnitude of placing 100 people in a new role!ᅠ

I am a firm believer in recruitment not being a numbers game. It’s about quality rather than quantity so reaching 100 placements to me is far more than just the number. The job satisfaction I feel from knowing I have changed the lives of that many people is beyond words.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the candidates and clients you work with?

There’s so much I enjoy about dealing with the candidates and clients in the Construction Industry (specifically within Housing) but I would have to say the most enjoyable part is getting to speak to so many different characters – and if you know the Housing Industry, you will know there’s plenty out there!ᅠ

I love how passionate my clients and candidates are about the industry they work in, and while always professional, they know how to lighten a conversation and celebrate their hard work (NHBC lunch springing to mind!).ᅠ We are all human at the end of the day, and I love that my clients and candidates don’t seem to ever lose sight of that.

  1. Out of all the placements you have made, is there one that has been a particular highlight for you?

It’s tough to pinpoint one placement from the 100 so far, as I have been lucky enough to help so many different levels of candidates from across the world never mind Scotland (one of my first placements, I helped when he was still working in New Zealand!).ᅠ

If I had to pick one, it would be a Construction Manager I placed with a new client to the Scottish Market last year, who worked his way up to Construction Director within that company and is doing exceptionally well for the business. As well as being a highlight to work with as a candidate, that person is now one of my closest clients in terms of the relationship we have built together.

Alan Shave, Associate Director commented:

“Eilidh joined the team four years ago and has just continually progressed since then.

As a business, we operate so differently to your average recruitment consultancy and expect so much more of our people, that it’s tricky to know whether someone with existing recruitment experience will be able to adapt.

Eilidh hasᅠshown a tremendous ability to take her existing recruitment knowledge and use that as the foundations to build a strong career at Contract Scotland. She was very quickly able to absorb knowledge and training from all her peers, before putting it into practice almost immediately and embodying our ethos. In fact, she’s now the one sharing that knowledge and helping to coach the newer members of the team.

The final thing I should note about Eilidh is how ingrained she has become within the housing and property sector.ᅠ She’s truly become an expertᅠwithin the sector, and I continually see employers trusting her with projects beyond core recruitment.

Reaching the 100 placement mark and getting married in the same year, it must be all her dreams come true…!”

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14th March, 2019