An Employers Guide to Interviewing

A Guide to Interviewing

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Here at Contract Scotland, we have long understood the importance of the interview – shock horror!  We do this for a living, so we hope we’re pretty good at it!  Not only do we consider how to assess and prepare job seekers for an interview but we help guide employers to spot their next hire effectively. 

Click the link below to download our essential guide to interviewing. We'll aim to navigate you through the often scary recruitment process by exploring how you will recruit, consider the importance of the interview, how to be a good interviewer and how you can secure the right person for the job.

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"Having been through Contract Scotland as a Candidate as well as a hirer I would have no hesitation in recommending their services due to their consistent quality and preparation techniques."
Brian Galloway | Operations Manager | Former Job Seeker & Client
"After one phone call with the team at Contract Scotland, I knew it was the right place for me to come to and my opinion still hasn't​ changed."
John-Paul Din | Senior Quantity Surveyor | Former Job Seeker
"Every Candidate put forward by Contract Scotland has proven to be an asset to our business."
John McAuley | Commercial Manager | Employer
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