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Contract Scotland is Scotland’s premier specialist construction and engineering recruitment consultancy. We have almost three decades of experience placing high-quality white-collar professionals in high-quality temporary contracts. We’ve grown to a point where we’re now the established market leader delivering an award-winning and unique recruitment service. Now is the time to bring that service offering to a wider audience.

Why Should That Matter To You?

Well, Contract Scotland is expanding its service into the North of England in Summer 2018 and we need your help.

But I've Never Heard of You...

It’s not unreasonable that you might have reservations about working with a Recruiter that’s new to your region. While the geography is different, your needs are the same. We’ve worked with your business (or businesses like yours) North of the border for almost three decades now. We know that you need the highest quality temporary contractors the market has to offer, and assurance that they’ll complete each assignment in line with your expectations.

Easy to say, we know, but given Contract Scotland’s extensive screening, vetting and reference checking – which we believe is more thorough than any other recruitment service currently on the market – our intention is only to work with the best temporary/freelance workers/contractors the North of England has to offer. There is no room for mediocrity in this project.

As it stands, almost 100% of our temporary contracts run to their anticipated duration or beyond. Dealing with people, it’s almost impossible to predict the unpredictable. However, by working with a select group of candidates over the longer term and appreciating each their motivations and objectively assessing their strengths and weaknesses, this has proven to increase reliability.

Why Should I Work With Contract Scotland?

There’s so much more to this expansion plan than self-interest. We can do everything your current recruiter of choice does for you and more. If nothing else, because we’ve removed consultant commission from the equation this makes us impartial throughout the process. The very least you can expect for us is an entirely transparent and objective service that’s geared towards you getting what you need when you need it.

Find out more about who we are and what we believe in or to arrange a call/meeting to discuss our service in greater depth call 01786 446651.

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