Escape Castle Alba

Seven teams, one escape room and a whole load of puzzles! We had 60 minutes to escape one of Escape Scotland’s newest escape rooms in Stirling, Castle Alba, as part of a team working exercise. It was safe to say that everyone was excited for it. Not everyone had completed one before, but there were a couple of escape room veterans in the office who were quietly confident. We were split into teams of 5/6 and each team took an hour away from the office to complete the room over two days.

Everyone was in agreement that it was really tough (we wish we could tell you more, but that’d spoil it), a lot of fun and great to be able to work with others in the office that they don’t get a chance to work with too often.ᅠ

A big thank you to the Escape Scotland team for their help (and patience!) -ᅠIt’s safe to say that this won’t be the last time we all do an escape room together.

Only two of the teams made it out in the end and both were very close to the 60 minute time limit. The winning team (consisting of Alan, Gillian, Sam, Sophie and Eilidh) justᅠedged ahead as they asked for two less clues than the other team. Everyone agreed that despite the other team being a few seconds faster that they deserved first place. After the trophies were handed out we all sat down to enjoy some food and popped open a few bottles of (non-alcoholic) prosecco to celebrate.

Given both teams made it out, they now get to take on Escape Scotland’s new Velocity escape room later in the month – it’s safe to say that both teams can’t wait to see which team can escape quickest.

Escape Castle Alba
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12th April, 2017