Find Top UK Construction & Engineering Talent for Your Australian Project

Are you searching for the best UK construction and engineering talent for your Australian business?  We can help you tap into a pool of skilled professionals many overlook because they aren’t looking in the right places.

Recruiting can be challenging even under ideal circumstances, and international recruitment brings additional complexities that require careful management.  A recruitment partner must be thorough, fully understand potential candidates’ experience, capabilities, motivations, and personal situations, and provide support throughout what can sometimes be a lengthy process.

There are more risks and complexities when hiring from overseas, but with over 14 years of experience in international recruitment, we have learned from our mistakes and successes.  This expertise allows us to help you navigate these challenges effectively.

If you’re an Australian company looking to enhance your team with top UK talent, especially those ready to bring their skills down under, partnering with Contract Scotland is a strategic move.  Here’s why:

Leader in the Scottish/UK Market

With over 34 years of dedicated service in the UK, our extensive knowledge of the local construction and engineering sector is unmatched.  Our long tenure in the market has allowed us to develop a robust network and reach, which you can leverage for your benefit.

UK to Australia Recruitment Expertise

For over 15 years, we have been the bridge for UK construction professionals seeking opportunities abroad, particularly in Australia.  Our experience in international recruitment makes us adept at handling the complexities of relocation, ensuring a smooth transition for both candidates and employers.

Tailored Partnership Approach

We believe in collaboration, not just transactional recruitment.  Our goal is to understand your unique needs and culture to find candidates who will fill a role and enhance your projects and company ethos in the long term.  Our placements consistently achieve a success rate of 95%+.

Meticulous Selection Process

We don’t just send CVs.  Our rigorous vetting process ensures you get professionals who are not only qualified but also eager to contribute to Australia’s vibrant construction landscape.  Our approach ensures that we present you with candidates who fit your needs perfectly.

Candidates Ready to Relocate

We work with a wide range of construction and engineering professionals, including those who already have visas and are on their way, as well as more experienced individuals looking for an employer to sponsor their visa.

So, if you are looking to hire from the UK, let’s connect.  With Contract Scotland, you’re not just hiring an employee; you’re investing in the future of your projects and the growth of your business.

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Posted by Contract Scotland
3rd July, 2024