How does Constructing Futures work? Hear it from someone who it’s worked for!

Anne Okafor

Anne approached Constructing Futures whilst studying at college (HND) to better her chances of securing a role in construction.

A few of my colleagues had met Anne at a CIOB Novus networking event and were impressed by her enthusiasm and dedication to get involved in construction and gain experience prior to completing her studies.

When her details were referred to me, I was also impressed by her positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond to start her career.

Anne is pictured (above) at our office in Stirling where she attended the weekend SMSTS course we run.

Gillian Graham:

When I initially spoke with Anne we arranged a meeting fairly quickly. This is an important step in our Constructing Futures process as it allows us to get to the bottom of what the candidate wants and requires from a placement and where they are planning to take their career in the future.

From this meeting I heard a little more about the challenges that Anne faced; a lack of feedback from applications and her main issue; a lack of site experience to get the vital link between theory and practical experience.

After talking about the different types of companies, I devised a plan to speak directly with our contacts in these construction companies, given relationships we have built up over the years we can generally receive feedback quickly.

Anne was subsequently offered two interviews and after I talked her through these clients in detail and what to expect in an interview, Anne aced them both! Shortly after she started her chosen placement in March 2016 with Esh Border Construction. Anne, Esh Border Construction and myself felt this placement would provide the type of experience that could help her progress into employment within the industry.

We believe that going the extra mile may help someone secure that career altering opportunity and we love to offer any advice we can to candidates, from CV formatting, application processes, to all important interview tips and how to navigate competency based questioning.

I was happy to hear about Anne’s progress throughout her placement, for 2 days every week she was provided with a host of vital, industry relevant experience.

After just 13 weeks on placement she was offered a paid position with Esh Border Construction (there was definitely a cheer from my desk that day).

Since then Anne has went from strength to strength, securing a place at university and even attending an SMSTS course in our office. ESH Border Construction invest in their staff’s training and development and when they saw we were hosting a Site Manager safety course at the weekend, they booked Anne in to attend to increase her qualifications and skills.

We love to keep in touch with candidates like Anne and hear how their career progresses. Anne is still very happy in her current role and we wish her all the success in future.

As for Esh Border Construction, well they are happy to have an engaged member of staff who will grow with the company, it was also a good way of truly getting involved in developing the future talent of the construction industry in Scotland.

Read in Anne’s words (pictured above in our office sitting her SMSTS) about her experience with Constructing Futures.

  • How did you find out about Contract Scotland’s, Constructing Futures?:ᅠI met some of Contract Scotland employees at a CIOB Novus Networking event.
  • Before starting your placement what was your situation?:ᅠBefore my placement I was a student studying my HNC in Construction Management at Forth Valley College. I worked part time in a bar at evenings and weekends.
  • How do you feel your placement has helped you?: My placement has given me confidence in my ability to continue my chosen path. I have gained valuable knowledge and experience which has aided me to gain my university place and to achieve well so far on the course. I am currently employed and have other opportunities with the company too.
  • Would you recommend Constructing Futures to others?: Yes, I have already told my husband and my university class mates about Contract Scotland. It is a great facility and really beneficial to gain experience.

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Posted by Contract Scotland
13th April, 2017