If you don’t blow your own trumpet now and again, who will?

So, it’s nearly a year on from our last S1 Award win for ムBest Recruitment Agency’, and we’re happy as pigs in the proverbial,ᅠknowing that we’ve been shortlisted as a finalist in the same category again for 2019.


Who cares? Well, it may not be the biggest deal to you admittedly, but given we work our asses off, eh I mean our hardest to be the best we can be, it’s just nice to be recognised in the industry for all our efforts. Truthfully, it also makes that lengthy award submission feel worthwhile!

Whether we win or not, I want anyone reading this to know that we pride ourselves on the service we’ve been providing to both our candidates and clients over the last 29 years. Moreover, according to our latest candidate and client Customer Satisfaction Survey results, (thank you again for all the responses thus far and please keep them coming), thankfully you all seem to feel the same way.

We never doubted itナhonestly.

If you don't blow your own trumpet now and again, who will?
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Posted by Contract Scotland
22nd March, 2019