International Recruitment Services

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Whether you’d like a job abroad, or you’re a construction business with a skills shortage, looking beyond our shores offers vast and unique opportunities. And less rain.

The UK construction and engineering sectors are highly respected around the world. So there’s a lot of demand from other countries for our skilled talent.

We can help you find the job you want. We bring the added advantage that our staff have visited and lived in these countries, met the employers that operate in these areas and have a full understanding of the current employment and economic issues in each country we operate in.

Note, we will expect a postcard.

Skills from Abroad

The UK construction industry has an excellent worldwide reputation but has suffered from a talent shortage. Highly tuned to the needs of the industry, we've innovatively created a division to help growing companies bridge that gap. Our European division recruits qualified construction, property and engineering specialists from Spain and the EU.

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