New Zealand

New Zealand

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New Zealand’s construction industry is thriving at the moment, and the demand for qualified specialists is there. So if you’re interested in living and working with some of the world’s most beautiful scenery as a backdrop, New Zealand could be for you.

Around 10,000 people emigrate from Britain to New Zealand every year. However, it’s a long way from home (11,689.8 miles from London to Wellington), so you need to know exactly what you’re getting into.


What's the cost of living like? What are the job prospects?

So many questions. 

Relocating overseas takes commitment, so the best thing to do is extensively research your country of choice to ensure that you are 100% confident that it's the right move for you, and if appropriate, your family too. No one wants an 11,000 mile trip with a moody teen, who just wants to go 'home'!

To help you on your research journey, we have listed below some web links for answers to the questions you'll most likely have. Once you've read these, scroll down to download our relocation guide, which will give you an insight into the process of applying for a job overseas, and if successful, the exciting journey that comes next.

We're at the end of the phone should you have any additional questions, and having visited New Zealand many times and many of the employers over there, we'll do our best fill in the gaps you may still have.

Best of luck on your research journey (remember, Google is your friend) and we hope to hear from you soon.


New Zealand 

Cost of Living - One of many sites available.

Where to live - Auckland

Where to live - Wellington

A UK expats guide to New Zealand - A few years old but still highly relative

Paul Connor moved from Scotland to New Zealand to work as a Senior Quantity Surveyor in November 2014. We asked him about everything from the cost of living to coffee, craft beer and kayaking.

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