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Watch the below video or follow the written instructions below. 

If at any point you require assistance please call the payroll team direct on 01786 431692.



Entering Your Timesheet

  • You'll shortly receive an email asking you to activate your iTempaid account, from which you can then enter timesheet details. 
  • Activate your account and enter the details of the hours worked for the previous week. 

Please enter hours using the 24-hour clock and enter breaks in whole minutes, e.g. 30 = 30 minutes, 120 = 2 hours.

  • You will then receive a further email(s) providing information on the status of your timesheet:

Timesheet Authorised

'We have now received your authorised timesheet number … for Weekending … and this will be processed in the next weekly payroll.' 

Timesheet Disputed by Client

'The hours entered for timesheet number … for Weekending … have been disputed by **** ****. The reason given for this dispute is as follows:'

If you receive a dispute email, please log into iTempaid and amend your timesheet as requested by the Client or discuss the issue with them directly. Once agreed, resubmit your timesheet for authorisation and you should then received the 'Timesheet Authorised' email as outlined above.


Entering Your Expenses

If you have expenses already agreed on your contract, these can be entered directly into the portal. Any receipts the accompany said expense(s) should be emailed to


We have included the iTempaid quick reference user guide for your convenience, click here to view.

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