January 2017 – Don’t Be Last on the Bandwagon to Recruit Your Site Team

Every January, Contract Scotland returns from the Christmas break to a raft of temporary vacancies with contractors clambering to ramp up on site with staff whether it’s a new project or additional bodies post the Christmas slow down.

January can be one of the busiest months of the year for requirements for freelance staff in Scotland – so you’re certainly not alone.

Although our temporary team can fill vacancies in as little as a few hours, ordinarily the best chance of your position to be staffed is to speak to your Recruitment Consultant ahead of time. A day’s notice is fine but a week in advance would be the dream! You want the best option, not the last available option.ᅠ

We are gearing up for January already. With a consistent workforce of hundreds of temporary workers on site each week (some of whom will be celebrating 20 years with us this year!) we are working to keep these candidates in temporary employment and ensure those who are reliable, technically capable and committed are working for our clients.

A review of this year so far shows that 95% of the temporary workers placed by Contract Scotland saw out their contract to the end or had it extended. This is testament to a few things:

  • The selection process carried out by the consultants at Contract Scotland – thorough recruitment process from start to finish. We work time and time again with a high number of quality workers who are technically capable and reliable.
  • Ability to understand the best fit – we get to know and meet all our freelance workers to understand them, what motivates them and what they are looking for as well as where they will fit with our clients.
  • Placing people in the right job first time – therefore saving the client less time and effort in the recruitment process (particularly when there is the day job to do) as well as money saved with issues avoided.ᅠ

The survey results every year confirm that construction recruiters want to be kept appraised of good candidates in the market; this keeps them ahead of the game.

Please get in touch should you wish to receive CVs of particular candidates, so you aren’t left out in the cold come January!

Roll up, roll up!!!

Julie Fleming, Recruitment Manager – Temporary Division.
Julie.fleming@contractscotland.co.uk/01786 446651

January 2017 - Don't Be Last on the Bandwagon to Recruit Your Site Team
Posted by Julie Fleming
17th November, 2016
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