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Interview Guidance

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How do you stand out from the crowd?


Great news! You got the interview! You've sent your CV, met the requirements, and now you're a step closer of reaching your goal; getting a new job! Now it's a good idea to do some interview preparation! Preparation is key when it comes to an interview; our interview guide can help you stand out from the crowd!

Let's face it; most job interviews are nerve-wracking. Whether your meeting is a face to face interview or via Skype, preparation pays off. Feeling uncomfortable in an interview scenario is natural! So, if you have a construction interview or civil engineering interview, our pack can help you out!

One in two candidates interviewed via Contract Scotland goes on to receive the job offer. If you’re working with us, you can be confident that you’re off to a good start. You'll be ahead of the competition and a set closer to achieving your career goals. Together our staff collated their top interview advice into a free handy document. Whether it's construction interviews or civil engineering interviews, our advice can help.

Our interview advice can help you feel more confident when it comes to:
  • Opening questions and going over your work history/work experience 📜
  • Common interview questions and answers 🤷‍♂️
  • Going over your skills and experiences relevant to the job 🤹
  • How to answer technical questions around your technical skills 🎓
  • Is a firm handshake really the key interview success? Eye contact/body language 👁️
  • Competency-based interview questions and how to plan a good answer to them
  • The STAR technique ⭐
  • After the interview 💭

It's not all about memorising the job spec or researching the company's social media. Want to make sure you stand out from the crowd at your next meeting? Fill in the form below to download our Interview Guidance!

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The Salary Expectations Question

Does the interviewer want to hear about your salary expectations? Have you left an interview victorious and now reached the salary negotiation stage? Are you feeling lost? Don't forget, our Salary Review Guide can help you in the long term. It details average salaries and insights from across the construction industry.

Career Path

Not started your construction job hunt yet and want to start applying for jobs? Got a dream construction project you want to work on? Are you looking for a construction site closer to home? Want to see the latest civil engineering jobs on the marketing? Feel free to have a look through our active posts. You can also send us your CV via

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