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Steven Murray - Professional Recruitment Manager


Architecture | Permanent & Temporary Roles

“Housebuilders and local authorities have added experienced architects and technicians to their teams in promising volumes whilst private practices are tentatively planning ahead with more focus on graduates.

Candidate availability is still healthy, and this allows us to ensure a high calibre of candidate for each role. However, we anticipate the architectural market will again reach a point where the vacancies outnumber the available applicants.

Freelance requirements aren’t as common as permanent appointments, with many firms looking to grow and develop a team as opposed to dealing with sharp bursts in workload. However, as architect job security and salaries were so severely hit by the recession, some candidates provide value in being freelance and firms should be mindful that hiring permanent only can limit the pool of available candidates. To steadily grow firms are considering freelance workers and with many firms now looking at long-term growth, salaries are slowly rising.

With many companies now looking at long-term growth, wages are slowly rising, though not quite at the pace of other areas of the market (only just recovering to pre-recession levels). As demand for architectural staff increases, career progression and salary expectations may rise, though candidates in this sector are primarily motivated by advancement, recognition and job security.

With some high-profile building projects now reaching tender stages, the outlook is positive, and the rest of 2016 and into 2017 looks promising for many architectural firms in the domestic, health and education sectors.”

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"Having been through Contract Scotland as a Candidate as well as a hirer I would have no hesitation in recommending their services due to their consistent quality and preparation techniques."
Brian Galloway | Operations Manager | Former Job Seeker & Client
"After one phone call with the team at Contract Scotland, I knew it was the right place for me to come to and my opinion still hasn't​ changed."
John-Paul Din | Senior Quantity Surveyor | Former Job Seeker
"Every Candidate put forward by Contract Scotland has proven to be an asset to our business."
John McAuley | Commercial Manager | Employer
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