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Contract Scotland is Scotland’s premier specialist construction and engineering recruitment consultancy. We have almost three decades of experience placing high-quality white-collar professionals in temporary contracts. We’ve grown to a point where we’re now the established market leader delivering an award-winning and unique recruitment service. Now is the time to bring that service offering to a wider audience.

Why Should That Matter To You?

Contract Scotland is expanding its service into the North of England in Summer 2018 and we would like your help. Without the high-quality people like you that the North of England has to offer, we’ll not be able to deliver the extraordinary level of service our clients have come to expect of us.

But I've Never Heard of You...

It’s not unreasonable that you may have reservations about working with a Recruiter that doesn’t know the market. While we've got a bit to learn about the geography, we know the clients. We've worked with them for years, we know what they want and how they work. While the locations are different, the projects and related client needs are the same.

Why Should I Work With Contract Scotland?

Several reasons, but chief among them:

  • Our unique non-commission earning business model (which means we're not motivated by money to find you a job).
  • We aim to offer you the most competitive hourly/daily rates on the market.
  • Our fixed and transparent margins mean that there’s no incentive for us to reduce candidate rates to increase our cut; that’s not how we work.

We understand the importance of continuity of work and we do everything within our power to secure that for the temporary workers who work with us. The long-term relationships we develop with our temporary workers have been instrumental to our success.

This is no short-term project where we pick candidates up when we need them and put them down when we don’t. Our goal is to recreate the sustainable success we’ve had in Scotland over the years to come.

There’s so much more to this expansion plan than self-interest. We can do everything your current recruiter of choice does for you and more. If nothing else, because we’ve removed consultant commission from the equation. We provide a transparent service that’s geared towards you getting what you need when you need it.

Take a look at our live vacancies below or submit your CV with Contract Scotland today.

Jobs in England

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