New Zealand Update #2

Following the visit from a key client from New Zealand to our premises in Stirling last month, we are keen to update you on the successes so far.

This innovative contractor has taken the steps to identify key talent that is suitable for the business and drive them into the next stage of growth. New Zealand is a particularly popular destination offering amazing life style opportunities and their construction industry is experiencing a major boom, not only with the rebuild of Christchurch but in the transport, education and health sectors using the PFI model.

We arranged the contractor to meet 15 candidates and identified 47% to make an offer to. Another 3 candidates were identified to be suitable for other parts of their business and subsequent interviews have been arranged.

We are hoping around 6 people will be successful in taking up opportunities in New Zealand – a change of lifestyle in a superb country awaits.

At present, there are still requirements for Project Managers, Senior QS’s and Design Managers at various locations on North & South Island.

If you are interested in a construction career in New Zealand please contact

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Posted by Contract Scotland
29th June, 2015