Pay Satisfaction within Small & Medium Enterprises

A very interesting article written by The Global Recruiter with regards to pay satisfaction within Small & Medium Businesses (SME). Whilst this article is generic, I believe that its content is relevant to the construction sector, given the trends I have noted within SME Builders.

Employers within SME Businesses biggest concerns going into 2016, is staff retention and attracting new talent. It would seem to me that money is not the answer, while employees want a fair and reasonable wage, what’s more important is to ensure their other motivators are met; Security, Location, Working Hours, Progression, Recognition and Power are a few of those noted regularly by candidates registered with Contract Scotland.ᅠᅠ

Now I am not saying that everyone working for an SME in the Construction Sector is 100% happy with their pay, however I don’t believe it’s the main motivator for a candidate to move jobs. The main motivator I see from candidates is Job Satisfaction, which can be a difficult thing to monitor and achieve. Often what I hear is a candidate looking for a better work/life balance, progression or indeed to feel more respected or recognised. That’s something an SME business can offer! Regardless of the level of position, each employee within an SME is an integral part of the business and are likely to experience progression and rewards (not necessarily financial) more quickly than they would within large national sized organisations.

The author is correct in his final paragraph; “Pay is arguably one of the most sensitive subjects within the employer-employee relationship”, however SME businesses appear to have a better ability to communicate and discuss salaries and benefits with their employees.ᅠ Personally, I believe SME Businesses can offer more than a day job, where you take home a pay cheque and bigger that wage the better. They offer a genuine opportunity to progress a career, feel valued and be part of a better working environment.

If you are an employer within the SME sector and looking to discuss staff retention or attraction, I would be happy to discuss candidate motivations in further detail. Furthermore if you are reading this and are considering a career change, please get in contact to discuss the merits of working for an SME Builder.

Pay Satisfaction within Small & Medium Enterprises
Posted by Contract Scotland
26th January, 2016