Progress Update

We are delighted to announce that, after what has been the most challenging period in Contract Scotland’s 30 year history, we have now been able to bring all our staff back from furlough as we continue on our journey back to full capacity.

When we took the decision to furlough staff at the end of March, I don’t think we had any expectation that some of our colleagues might be out of the business for 5 months, and we want to thank every one of our colleagues for their patience and understanding.

With everyone back at work, the next stage in our plan had been to consider a phased return to working from the office but, given the Scottish Government decided last week to defer any decision to allow commercial offices to reopen until Thursday 1st October at the earliest, that element of the plan will remain on ice for the next three weeks.

Until then, we’ll continue operate on a fully remote basis in the same seamless way we have for the last 6 months. It appears we may have been a little ahead of the curve with our use of remote working technology due to the reasonably significant investment we made in the last 18 months, but it’s been fantastic to observe clients from across the full spectrum of the industry embrace that technology as we all try to find our way back to some sense of normal.

Worth repeating that, as many of our clients and candidates have found, we’re contactable through all the normal channels and you can get in touch with the team via the same contact numbers and email addresses that you’ve always been able to.

Progress Update
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Posted by John-Paul Toner
16th September, 2020
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