Promotion From Resourcer To Consultant

At Contract Scotland, we reward and recognise people who work exceptionally hard by promoting from within. We spoke to Nicole who has recently been promoted from a Resourcer to a Recruitment Consultant. She told us what aspects of her new job she likes the most and what she finds particularly challenging. At the end, she gave us an insight into her future plans at Contract Scotland.

What aspect of your new job do you like the most?

I like achieving and seeing results for both my clients and candidates. In addition, I particularly enjoy the fast pace the Recruitment Consultant job brings. The biggest difference between the two roles is that a Resourcer concentrates on candidate attraction and a Consultant position is geared upon client relationship building and business development. As a Consultant, I am exposed to a bigger mix between candidates and clients which I really enjoy.

What do you find particularly challenging?

Just generally making sure I am keeping on top of everything.

Due to the market being very busy at the moment I face the challenge of fitting everything in.

Having reached your promotion, what is your next goal?

I am very happy where I am now but I do have the goal to continue to progress within my role as a Recruitment Consultant. I am always chasing the next challenge but I am keen to progress within myself, further my knowledge and capabilities as well as expanding my market share within civil engineering. Most importantly I want to continue putting the needs of my clients and candidates first.

Were you always aware that there would be progression opportunities for you?

Yes, I was always aware that there would be progression opportunities for me at Contract Scotland which motivated me to work hard and at the end I achieved my goal which was being promoted to a Recruitment Consultant. My superiors always knew that this was something I wanted so I am very glad that I have been given this opportunity.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A senior position is something I would strive too as I am always very keen to progress. For now, I would say that I will take every opportunity as it presents itself.

What do you like about working at Contract Scotland?

I enjoy helping people find their perfect job as well expanding my knowledge. I love my colleagues and most importantly enjoy my job on a day to day basis. It is a very fast pace working environment which I find motivating. Being a talkative person pays off when you work at Contract Scotland which is good for me. I love working at Contract Scotland as a whole.

Alan Shave, who is the Associate Director, works very closely with Nicole and explains why she got promoted to a Recruitment Consultant.

“Nicole might have only been with us for a little over 12 months, but she’s worked exceptionally hard to earn this promotion and is absolutely deserving of it.ᅠ She’s never stopped seeking feedback and training in order to improve, whilst always being prepared to put the effort in.ᅠ Best of all, her enthusiasm is infectious and you can see the positive impact that has on the rest of the team. ᅠWe might have ムlost’ an exceptional Recruitment Resourcer but it doesn’t please anyone more than me to have Nicole as our ムnewest’ Consultant!”

Promotion From Resourcer To Consultant
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25th July, 2017