PTS & ICI – Rail recruitment update

Are you an employer who has experienced issues with getting workers started on site due to the lack of a Personal Track Safety (PTS) card? Or are you the worker who has experienced the issue in getting a job in the rail sector due to the lack of a PTS card? If so, you’re not alone.

One of the biggest hurdles the rail sector has to manage is getting workers started on rail projects where a PTS card is required. This is largely because a Sponsor is required to organise prior to someone starting on site. If a Sponsor (who is generally the employer) cannot afford the cost or the time to organise someone obtaining their PTS card, it causes delays in sourcing suitable people. Sometimes ending with no resource at all or increasing the workload of existing employees. Not good for anyone right?

Well, Contract Scotland can now help address this issueナ

We are now an official member of the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) and are set up as a Network Rail Sponsor. We have the ability to sponsor people through their Personal Track Safety (PTS) test. Given our vast knowledge of white collar staff in Scotland, we are able to source suitable people as well as sponsor PTS testing. Roll up, roll up!!

The introduction of Industry Common Induction:

The ICI competency has been mandated for the 1st June 2016. ICI is mandatory for working on any Network Rail IP sponsored project. These include (but are not limited to) construction sites, rail depots and station maintenance. If you visit a site as part of your role more than 12 times a year then you will need to complete the training and obtain the ICI competence. All workers now being supplied to the rail sector through Contract Scotland will be ICI compliant.

Given Contract Scotland is an official Network Rail sponsored company, we can organise workers to sit their ICI Competency.

We have taken these steps to become a Sponsor to work in partnership with our clients and candidates to help address issues faced by the rail sector. One of the industry’s biggest concerns is the skills shortage and it’s important we play our part in keeping workers in employment and up to date with relevant safety critical qualifications in order to keep the sector moving.

Contract Scotland predominately supplies white collar staff to the construction sector in Scotland having placed a large number of people on rail contracts over our 26-year history.

If you are interested to know more about the ICI, PTS or would like to discuss any live requirements, please get in touch with me.

Julie Fleming – 01786 446651

PTS & ICI - Rail recruitment update
Posted by Julie Fleming
24th October, 2016
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