Rural Recruitment Across Scotland

Here in Scotland we are proud of our rural communities and the famous natural beauty that puts us on the map but, with roughly 70% of the country’s population located in the Central Belt and other major cities and thus the bulk of construction activity taking place in these areas – it can be hard to source staff out in the sticks!

But – fear not, because this year the freelance team here at Contract Scotland have found ourselves becoming something of a bunch of old hands at recruiting for some of the farthest flung locations in Scotland!

We work with many very experienced and highly rated candidates across various disciples that relish the opportunity to work on diverse projects and in interesting locations. These candidates are seasoned professionals that are used to working away from home and managing the logistical challenges that building in these areas can bring.

The above image offers a few examples of the locations that we have recruited staff for this year so if your business is planning to undertake a project in a remote or rural location get in touch to see if we can find you the people you need!

The disciplines we cover include Site Engineers, Site Managers, General Foremen, Quantity Surveyors, Planners and many more.

To find out more about available candidates in these areas, get in touch with meᅠon 01786 446651 or via

Rural Recruitment Across Scotland
Posted by Contract Scotland
11th December, 2018