#SME’s – Why we should be trending among Graduates!

Contract Scotland was delighted to support a student-led ムemployability’ event at Stirling University this week. ᅠThe event, Stirling Symposium 2016, was held at the Stirling Court Hotel and was created to ムbring together the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow’.

Featuring senior representatives from the Stirling Management School and Careers Service, as well as external speakers from IBM, the Chartered Management Institute, Enterprise, Santander and, of course, Contract Scotland, the event was well attended by students from across the University.

Julie Fleming (Manager) and Alan Shave (Associate Director) led an interactive workshop titled ム#SME’s – Why we should be trending among Graduates!’, with the aim to increase the profile of SME’s among students graduating from University.ᅠ

In addition, Alan faced the Symposium audience as part of a panel answering live questions on graduate jobs, employability and recruitment.

Commenting on the event, Alan said: “Connecting employers, industry and higher education is something that we strongly advocate as one of the key things which need to happen in many sectors across Scotland, so there was no way we were turning down an opportunity such as this! ᅠBoth the Q&A Panel and Workshop were hugely rewarding, even if I did have to share some of my biggest regrets/mistakes with the audienceナ!ᅠ It’s clear that Stirling has some high-quality students who’ll be graduating in the coming years and hopefully, more of them will now recognise SME’s as a serious option.ᅠ Huge congratulations to the organising team for what must have required a big effort and we look forward to being involved in future.”

#SME's - Why we should be trending among Graduates!
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Posted by Alan Shave
25th October, 2016
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