Refer a friend or family member

Congratulations On Your New Job With SS&C!

As a candidate of Contract Scotland, I'm delighted to inform you that you now qualify for our candidate referral scheme.

How it works:

Do you have any friends or family who are looking for work? If so, refer them to me for the opportunity to earn £100 per successful referral*. There's no limit to the number of referrals you can make either - so what's stopping you?

Simply fill out the form below with their details (one form per referral), and I'll do the rest!

* The Small Print

To qualify for the referral bonus, all of the below criteria must be met (T&C’s):

  • The referrer must already be a registered candidate or client of Contract Scotland.
  • The referrer must have the permission of the person they are referring before the referral.
  • Should you refer a candidate to Contract Scotland that we then place in a temporary or permanent position within 12 months of the referral, Contract Scotland will pay the referring person a fee of £100.
  • The person being referred must not have worked for, have registered as a candidate, or re-registered with Contract Scotland within the previous five years.
  • The fee will be payable to the referrer once the candidate  has completed 30 days in their new position. If a temporary contract lasts less than 30 days, the fee will be paid once the job seeker has worked a cumulative 30 days over numerous contracts.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals a referrer can make.
  • This scheme is not open to employees of Contract Scotland Ltd or their relatives.

Also please note

  • Tax is due to be paid on the referral bonus and will be the responsibility of the individual it is paid to.
  • In the event of a dispute, Contract Scotland’s Directors decision will be final.
  • Contract Scotland reserves the right to amend or withdraw the scheme at any point and without prior notice.