The Credit Control Team at Contract Scotland

The work of the Credit Control Team directly reflects our Core Values of Innovation, Trust and Expertise. We demonstrate these values on many levels from the simplest act of changing invoice procedures to the more integral aspects of how we view Credit Control within the complete Credit Management function.


The common face and accepted role of Credit Control is chasing what is due/late/very late!!! At the very least the problem with this is that it is time-consuming and becomes more of a “firefighting” role.

The procedural solution we have incorporated into our Credit Management Function is to re-think and re-develop the whole role into Client Management role which starts from the inception of the contract to avoid the “fire-fighting” at the completion of the contract.

What Is the Difference?

Client Management is turning the role around to work in partnership with our clients and start the process of cash collection from the very beginning. Without the Client where would we be?

How Does This Work?

By working in partnership with our clients, agreeing mutually acceptable terms, invoicing to their requirements, chasing payment in accordance with these terms results in improved payment turnaround times.

Trust and Expertise

By listening to our Clients, discussing their cash flow issues and understanding their situation and adopting flexibility into our Credit Management approach results in payments being released to agreed schedules which assist the overall cash flow forecasting and assists some clients during what can sometimes be extremely difficult times.

We have 19 years of construction industry related experience in the Credit Control Team and we have yet to hear an original excuse for non-payment but this is where the trust comes in, trust being a 2-way commitment. Our clients trust us to provide an exemplary service and we trust our clients to honour their obligations in the form of payment – without this trust, there would not be the successful working partnerships we are proud to have with our clients.

If you have any questions regarding Credit Control, please feel free to drop me an email –

Posted by Contract Scotland
27th July, 2017