The Simplistic Approach That Leads To Success

Why teamwork benefits our customers within the Scottish Construction Industry.

Working together may seem like common sense, however, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of recruiters in our field continue to work as individuals. This is typical of the traditional recruitment model many agencies still adhere too.

Here at Contract Scotland, we operate our own bespoke recruitment model, one where teamwork plays an essential role in our success.

Below one of our Senior Consultants, Samantha Lister, demonstrates by regaling us with a recent success story, about why the ムteamwork’ approach not only benefits our customers, but also creates a stronger team as a result.


“You’ve probably heard us say we are a non-commission recruiter. We’re proud of this unique feature within the recruitment world, as it helps us achieve our core values of trust, expertise and innovation.

But what does this mean for you when using our service, either as a job seeker or an employer looking to recruit?

Let me tell you by providing an example of teamwork in our office last week; after all, when there are no financial incentives for individual consultants, teamwork works!

Last week an employer within the house building sector required our help in sourcing a freelance worker. The requirement was for someone with experience of road adoptions and dealings with local authorities. This particular employer’s relationship is usually with Eilidh Cameron, our Recruitment Consultant who manages permanent recruitment for private housebuilders. Eilidh however was on off on holiday at this point.

So, what happens if a Consultant is out of the office for an extended period of time, or even just out conducting site visits?

What happens to the recruitment process during these times?

Here at Contract, a qualified and experienced consultant is appointed to make sure any and all of our employer’s requirements are continually worked on, which results in the ongoing opportunities for job seekers to continue.

In this instance, Jennifer Sancroft, who works in the housing division alongside Eilidh, provided cover in her absence. Jennifer is responsible for permanent recruitment in the housing sector too, but for social housing and maintenance contractors. (Just FYI, our consultants look after one sector of the construction industry on purpose – the more you deal with a section, its project types, its employers and its job seekers; the more you know about it… makes sense doesn’t it?).

Jennifer consulted with the client contact regarding the job description and specification using her knowledge of the sector, before passing this information onto to myself. I’m responsible for managing all freelance requirements for private housebuilders.

The story does not end here however, the team work continuesナ

Given the nature of the role, I consulted with a colleague from our professional division, Grant Dalziel, who regularly deals with road adoption agents and local authorities. In a recent Sales Meeting (where we consult on each other’s sections to increase knowledge of the industry as a whole), Grant advised the whole recruitment team about the job seekers he had coming available from the M8 project, many of whom had been carrying out road adoptions and liaising with the client throughout.

While Grant got his thinking cap on for suitable individuals to put forward for the role, I was on several pre-arranged site visits to catch up with our existing freelance workers and employers, to ensure their expectations were being met.

In my absence, Paul Frith, one of our Managing Consultants, spoke with the candidates Grant had recommended to narrow down suitability. By the time I’d returned from site, Paul had secured options for the client and an interview was arranged.

I then followed up with both the candidate and client for post-interview feedback, only to receive the news that our job seeker was successful and would be starting the following Monday!

In case you lost countナ 5 consultants were involved in the process. Together we successfully secured an appropriate job seeker with the type of position they were seeking, and provided the employer with the temporary solution they required!

So next time you are speaking with one of our team and they tell you we aren’t commission based – we really aren’t and this is the result.”

Samantha Lister – Senior Recruitment Consultant


So there you have it. Why the simplistic way of working together, sharing job seeker and sector knowledge, delivers effective results for everyone involved in the recruitment process.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you achieve your recruitment goals by working together, or to learn more about how we work to source you the right people for the job.

The Simplistic Approach That Leads To Success
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Posted by Contract Scotland
12th September, 2017