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We know our current timesheet isn't perfect, so we are currently working behind the scenes to bring you something better. Your input in this process is highly valued so if you have any recommendations or suggestions, we want to hear about them. Drop us an email with your feedback here.  

Click below to download a timesheet or if you need further assistance see the below instructions on how to complete. Once done email your timesheet to payroll@contractscotland.co.uk. Remember the payroll deadline is Monday at 5 pm.

Download Timesheet
  • How do I complete the timesheet?

    Please read through the following instructions for completing your weekly timesheet, and submitting to payroll. 

    Ideally the timesheet deadline is when you finish work on a Friday; however, we will still accept fully completed timesheets until 5 pm on a Monday.

     If you experience any difficulties in filling this in, we have a copy of the timesheet with the automated script removed; that would require you to enter the total hours manually, etc.  If you need a copy of this timesheet, please call and speak to a member of the Payroll Team and we will send through to you.


     Please open the timesheet and save to your computer - the timesheet is to be completed digitally, rather than being printed and filled in by hand.

     You will need to enter as standard:-

    • Your name
    • The client you work for
    • The week-ending date (our timesheet starts on a Saturday and ends on a Friday)
    • All start, break and finish times.  This is done in 24-hour clock, and you use a colon to separate the hours: If a colon and 24-hour clock are not used, your hours won’t calculate correctly.  If you enter correctly, your daily and weekly totals will automatically tally for you.

     Please type the number of minutes break you have taken – for example, a 30-minute break, while 0.5 of an hour, would still be entered as 00:30, not 00:50.  Using the latter would enter a 50-minute break into the timesheet.

    • If you need to advise us of a breakdown of the sites you work on, then the section to the right of the hour's entry area can be activated by ticking the box, you can split down where you work, and enter the number of hours worked at each site.  You will need to total this at the bottom, it doesn’t automatically populate this, as it is a fully free type section for your use.
    • If you have expenses agreed on your contract, and you are claiming, please activate the expenses section under the hour's area, by ticking the box.  Anything other than mileage and a daily subs rate will require a corresponding receipt for payment, as per usual expenses procedures.
    • There is also a notes section you can activate where you can inform us of holiday dates etc. if you wish to do so.
    • If you work PAYE, there is a section to advise us of any holidays or sickness – there is an option for paid and unpaid holidays.
    • If you are on a daily rate, please enter the number of days you are claiming for in the days/shifts section.  You don’t need to fill this in if you are on an hourly rate.


    Please only send a fully authorised timesheet to the Payroll mailbox. 

    Sending an unauthorised timesheet to payroll, or copying us into the e-mail you send to your signatory, can delay the processing of your payment.

    Once you have completed the timesheet you have a few options:-

    1. You can print it off, and get your timesheet signatory to sign it as normal, scan it back in and e-mail to payroll@contractscotland.co.uk
    2. You can print it off, get your signatory to sign it as normal, and fax to 01786 449420
    3. You can save the timesheet to your computer, open up a new e-mail within your personal/work e-mail account and attach it, then e-mail to your timesheet signatory for authorisation
    4. If you use Outlook, you can hit the ‘send to client’ button, and it will open up an e-mail in outlook, with the timesheet already attached.  You then e-mail to your signatory

    If you e-mail it to your timesheet signatory, they have the following options:-

    1. They can print off, sign, scan back in and send to payroll@contractscotland.co.uk
    2. They can print off, sign, and fax to 01786 449420
    3. They can digitally sign it if they have a digital signature

    If they digitally sign they have two options for sending to Contract Scotland:-

    1. They can save to their computer, and attach manually to an e-mail, and send to payroll@contractscotland.co.uk
    2. If they use Outlook they can hit the button ‘send to Contract Scotland’.  This option will open up an e-mail with the timesheet attached, already addressed to payroll@contractscotland.co.uk

    One final point to note – if the signatory has digitally signed the timesheet, and they are e-mailing it to the payroll mailbox, it must come to us from their e-mail address. 

    For your peace of mind, please ask the signatory who sends your timesheet through to copy you into the e-mail they send.  That way you know it has been sent over and saves you having to call into the office to check.

    If you have any further questions, please call the office on 01786 446651 and we will be happy to assist you.

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