Want a New Job in the New Year? You Need to Start Preparing Now!

There might be a lot going on over Christmas both personally and professionally but if you take the next 69 days to PREPARE then when you come back to work in the new year, you’ll be right on track and way ahead in the process from those just starting their job search in 2019.


You need to give yourself time when looking for a job, careful CONSIDERATION needs to be taken for everything from updating your CV, creating a recruitment plan, discussing market opportunities etc. The whole process from starting the job search to actually starting a new job can take between two to three months and even longer. Hence why, if you want to start a new job in 2019, you need to start the process now!


This is an important part of the process (and tedious we know!) but once you have it ready it will be such a relief. To give you all the information needed to create or update your CV we’re puttingᅠtogether aᅠCV guidance pack as well as a template – we’ll make a follow-up post once this is available.


It probably seems like a bigger task that it is. You have just updated your CV, so this is one of the easier tasks.

Take the time to update your headline, summary and work experience section. Don’t forget to add a professional photo. We can provide further advice on this for you too!


Let’s meet over coffee or feel free to come into our offices or call us for an informal and confidential discussion. It’s nice to know who you are dealing with, isn’t it!? The job process can at times be a faceless exercise sifting through many online job sites, web page after web page and you can end of feeling like you are not getting anything in return.


We want to genuinely understand what it is you are looking for in a move. This will be an informal conversation covering your past experience, your current working situation and what would be important to you in a move going forward. We will be OPEN and HONEST in what we can do for you and throughout the recruitment process and we will provide you with in-depth knowledge of all the opportunities available to you.

We can discuss these opportunities as well as market trends, go over our salary survey, etc

All of the above will put you in good stead to act fast when an opportunity comes in that you might be interested in.

So, if you are interested in getting the ball rolling on your job search for next year – please get in touch, we will have a cuppa ready.

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Posted by Contract Scotland
24th October, 2018