What A Waste – A Great Site Day

Another very interesting site visit today to see the Levenseat Waste to Energy facility near Lanark with Jamie Porter (below)ᅠvisiting one of his clients to discuss upcoming opportunities.

As the Energy section looks to develop, the Levenseat facility is of particular interest. The Energy from Waste market is still very much in its infancy with a variety of competing technologies in development. This success of this project is likely to set a new benchmark for the sector in Scotland. Involving a mix of International Consultancies & Contractors, including companies from across the pond in America, it is certainly shaping up to be a project to keep an eye on. As always it is great to get out on site to really get a better understanding of our client’s needs and also to see things from our candidate’s perspective.

Within recruitment as a whole, we are seeing more instances of a de-personalised process in the market that inevitably leaves a bad impression not only for the Candidate but the Client as well. We are hearing more and more about good candidates coming to the market who submit their Cv’s to portal systems and then never hearing back from internal recruiters, even to provide them with the courtesy of acknowledging their interest. On the flip side, Client’s may be unaware of the market situation and the issues that surround trying to fill their vacancy.

One of our key strengths at Contract Scotland is that none of the Consultants operate on a commission basis so we are able to step back and offer an unbiased, personal opinion to our Clientele, a virtue that has ensured our reputation in the industry and is echoed through our repeat business. Whether it is to discuss a project, a career change or indeed an even an idea , we take pride in our ability to offer expertise without the faceless void of a “cv portal” or hard-sell.

Would you be interested in an opportunity to be involved in this project or ones like it? Perhaps you are starting to think of your next role as we enter the second quarter of 2016? Or of course, if you are a Client unknown to us and would like information on how we operate to a different standard within the market, please get in touch with us here at Contract Scotland to discuss your needs in relation to the Construction Industry.

On a personal note, some “interesting” photos of myself and a cameo appearance from Jamie – Just don’t judge us on the outfits, well, judge Jamie perhaps!

Grant Dalziel

Energy & Consulting Engineering Consultant


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What A Waste - A Great Site Day
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Posted by Contract Scotland
22nd March, 2016